The caldero restaurant

Calle Huertas, 15

In the most traditional, in the Barrio de las Letras, exceptional setting where history and modernity go hand in hand, Madrid you can open a window to clear Mediterranean Calle Huertas 15.

Enjoy a spacious outdoor lighting, evoking a marine morning. Inside, a free welcome retreat from the hustle and looks outsiders. A natural combination of white, stone plateau, vintage elements and innovative ideas now. The ideal place for pleasant evenings to the rhythm of Murcian recipes.

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More than sixty dishes await you at the El caldero Taberna Murciana. We combine in our menu seasonal products with the follow-up to the traditional cuisine, providing a unique taste. In addition, we marry it with an alternative vision that respects the essence of its own history and semblance of the recipes.

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El caldero restaurant is the perfect option for any type of meeting or celebration in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, enjoying our Mediterranean specialties. We have a large dining room, as well as a private room. Click on the icon or photo to see the different group menus we offer.

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A good wine lover requires that our dishes be accompanied by the best wine in wineries. Own wines such as the AV (a Monastrell) in tribute to Antonio Valero, the alma mater of el caldero; the SV, (a verdejo full of tenderness), numerous Murcian wines and hundreds of each Spanish corner.

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Immerse yourself in the dinners that lead to the encounter in the purest summer style. Discover our tasting menu specially made for the evenings, a casual but tasty proposal that comes out of our gastronomic studio to conquer your palate in the always refreshing nights at el caldero.


RESERVAS: Restaurante Murciano: +34 91 429 50 44 (Calle Huertas 15)  · Taberna Murciana: +34 91 501 61 90 (Travesía de Téllez 2)