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El caldero Restaurant

Murcian cuisine in Madrid

Reservation at the Restaurant El caldero

Murcian restaurant

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A multitude of dishes with Mediterranean flavors await you at the restaurant el caldero restaurant. In our menu we combine the adaptation of seasonal products with strict adherence to the traditional liturgy, providing a unique taste. Furthermore, we pair it with an alternative vision that respects the essence of the history and semblance of the recipes to offer the best flavor of the Mediterranean.

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Visit our Tavern

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Taberna El Caldero

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Explore our varied menu that highlights the authentic flavors of Murcian cuisine.

A multitude of dishes with Mediterranean flavors await you at Taberna El Caldero. In our menu we rely on seasonal products.

Group menu

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The restaurant el caldero offers a careful selection of group menus ideal for carrying out any type of meeting or celebration in a family and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying our Murcian specialties. We have a large dining room and a pleasant terrace for your celebrations.

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Since 1973

More than 45 years ago Antonio Valero, of Mediterranean origin, decided to bring the flavors of the Murcian coast to Madrid. And now his son Sergio Valero leads this humble Murcian culinary embassy in the capital. Since then, distances have been shortened, desires have become closer, and now without remission, it is possible to find Murcia in Madrid.

El caldero finds its origin in the rice stew (Arroz al caldero) that was once common among the fishermen of Cabo de Palos. A delicacy of humble origins, cooked on a tripod right on the beach. Over a live fire, the freshly caught fish was incorporated, and the vegetable fruits that the Murcian garden provides were incorporated, with rice as an essential interpreter and a plethora of exquisite products around it: tomatoes, garlic, or ñoras, those dried peppers. sun and that concentrate the entire flavor of a life.

Time has passed, there on the Mediterranean coast and here in the city of Madrid. If the rush in modern kitchens has blurred the trace of those atavistic rice dishes and many other dishes prepared with care, we can be proud of preserving gastronomic traditions in our establishments, the last refuge where they find their place. We, at el caldero restaurants, take care of and perpetuate these almost lost paradises. Someone might think of spells and spells when hearing the word Cauldron. There is no greater enchantment than the magic of everyday life, the spontaneous and freshness of the best raw materials cooked with truth. And served on your plate after an arduous family effort, which is the best commitment we give to our client friends.

El caldero at home

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Allergen Information According to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011, we have available to our customers information related to the allergens present in our gastronomic offer. Consult and inform our staff if you have any allergic conditions.


RESERVAS: Restaurante Murciano: +34 91 429 50 44 (Calle Huertas 15)  · Taberna Murciana: +34 91 501 61 90 (Travesía de Téllez 2)