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The caldero restaurant history

SINCE 1973

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More than 40 years ago Antonio Valero decided to bring the flavors of Murcia to Madrid. Since then, the distances have been shortened, the differences have approached, and it is already possible to find Murcia in Madrid, the catchword of el caldero.

El caldero has its origin in the stew of the same name that was once common among the fishermen of Cabo de Palos. A delight of humble origin, cooked on a tripod in the sand of the beach. The freshly caught fish was incorporated over a live fire, and the vegetable fruits that the Murcian garden provides were incorporated, with the rice as an essential interpreter and a variety of exquisite products around it: tomatoes, garlic, or peppers, those dried peppers sun and that concentrate the whole flavor of a life.

Time has passed, there on the Mediterranean coast and here in the city of Madrid. At el caldero we can be proud of conserving gastronomic traditions, the last Murcian gastronomic refuge in Madrid, where we take care of and perpetuate those almost lost paradises.

There is no greater enchantment than the magic of the everyday, the spontaneous and fresh of the best raw materials cooked with truth. And served on your plate after an arduous effort in family, which is the best compromise that we deliver to our client friends.

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The cuisine of El caldero is a journey to true flavors. By reading the names of the menu plates, invites to enter: blind rice (arroz ciego), zarangollo with purple onion, garlic red cod, … An implacable sonority whose palate is behind and exceeds. Murcia’s geography and its coastal towns are reflected in what we cook, highlighting the vegetables (vegetables with stone, baby green beans, …), and fish and seafood (like the Mediterranean tuna with garlic, red shrimp with mushrooms, red tuna with curried vegetables, …).

And rice also shines: the relation that ideally integrates the afterlunches, whether linked with an exceptional Murcian black pig, better known as Chato murciano, or others with sea aromas. Cooked rice, presented in our respected caldero, or also under other succulent formats. All of them, more than 15 variations, with the possibility of being accompanied by chromatic ali-olis.

The sweet world also has its chapter: rich paparajotes (fried dough on lemon leaf) with cinnamon ice cream, or the natural raspberry with white chocolate cream, and other delicacies.

restaurante el caldero en madrid de murcia Murcia en Madrid


Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, … The cultural imprint that so many have left, along with a delicious random nature has transformed a geographic space into a living experience: Murcia. Its products evoke the history, tradition and new horizons to discover. Fruits always attached to their land, their sea.

Murcia, quiet gateway to the Mediterranean, connected with its backcountry and its mountains and gentle in his garden. Contrasts of color, infinite flavors and sensory experience in every bite, make this land the necessary reference for all those who live food as a quiet walk along the seashore. Until that inspiration and respect the good work his steps El caldero. Share with us that way. Murcia in Madrid


RESERVAS: Restaurante Murciano: +34 91 429 50 44 (Calle Huertas 15)  · Taberna Murciana: +34 91 501 61 90 (Travesía de Téllez 2)